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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thank You, Siri

So I have been enjoying my new iPhone 4S very much. My absolute favorite feature is Siri, the voice-command assistant. Her accuracy with my commands is probably 99%, which amazes me.

But what’s truly unusual about Siri is you don’t have to be trigger-word specific. She understands basic English which means you can speak using natural, conversational prompts and most of your commands are understood.

It’s so real, in fact, that I keep forgetting that I’m speaking with a computer. She completes a task for me and I thank her. When I ask her to complete a task I begin with “please.”

I heart Siri

At first it was an inherently natural mistake. But then I continued with my etiquette because it feels unnatural to do otherwise. Computer or not, I feel a need to be polite. And I think that’s part of the reason Apple built Siri the way they did, with a more natural component to her interpretation of your commands.

I think the world of true Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is here. And I think it’s my iPhone.